Saturday, November 19, 2005

Making a 'Faux Pas'

When Aaron Wilson, says he's making a TVC, I say 'great'. When he says he needs it to rain, I think of practical rain rigs and say 'ok'. The he tells me it has to be indoors AND we can't get the floor wet. I pause for a minute and start to think digital. So 'Faux Pas' is born. With digital effects including digital rain, rain impacts, volumetric lighting, 2.5D compositing, film look, grading, lens flare, keying, roto & grading..... it was a bit of work, but I thing it looks ok.

Faux Pas was also a good example of on set editing. A great way to test effects work before it's too late and to ensure coverage.

UPDATE: Faux Pas has won Gold at the ACS awards for retail commercial. Massive congratulations to DOP Colin Bell.

Going into 'Denial'

Launching December 8, keep your eyes in the cinema and open for the launch of The Kamen Brothers' (Matt and Chris) TAC funded short "Denial" which I had the pleasure of editing. The TAC fund two shorts a year to promote responsible teenage driving, 'Denial' is one of them.

It was shot on DVCpro-HD (Variacam) and cut at full 720p on FCP at 37 South. It was nice to do some hard and fast cutting to push an edit a little.